Dell Quickly Retracts Misleading Graphics Card Ad

Posted Nov 26, 2011

Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL) is best known for building customized PCs for their customers. However this past weekend a Reddit user noticed on the Dell website that there was a faulty suggestion for what the purpose of graphics cards are.

After clicking the “Help me choose” link on the Dell website when configuring a compact OptiPlex PC, the above image appeared. Both monitors appear to be part of the same model, but the one on the left is powered by a cheaper “standard graphics card.” That cheaper graphics card was not keeping the desktop screen in focus. The one on the right was sharper.

People tend to opt-in for more expensive graphics cards if they like playing games with sharper images. Standard graphic cards are still good enough to see the desktop and does not make your computer look like that image on the left at all.

Dell removed the image and ended up apologizing for it:

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Dell endeavours to help customers to make the best decisions regarding their purchases. It was never our intention to mislead customers, and we apologise for any confusion caused. We have now removed the image from our Global sites. Dell remains committed to delivering the best possible experience to all our customers.”

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