Dell Starts Selling Unlocked Version of Streak Tablet

Posted Nov 23, 2010

Dell has announced that they have started to sell an unlocked version of the Streak with Android 2.2. The Dell Streak will work on T-Mobile or other GSM telecomm carriers. The OS upgrade makes multi-touch zooming, Flash, USB tethering, auto-rotating home screen, and 3G hotspot creation available on the tablet computer.

The unlocked Dell Streak tablet costs $579 and is currently available in black. The white color and Cherry Red version is expected to arrive later on. But the white and red version is going to be locked to AT&T. The red and white tablets costs $550 off-contract or $300 for those whi sign a two year agreement.

The black and red tablets can be ordered from Dell online with a custom-ordered 32GB microSDHC card along with the 16GB of pre-supplied storage. If you want to add extra space, then you have to pay an extra $119.