Dell Wyse Cloud Connect is now available for purchase

Posted Jan 30, 2014

Dell has announced that the Wyse Cloud Connect mobile computer is available for purchase. The Wyse Cloud Connect supports virtualization and remote desktop features.The device works with virtualization software from VMware, Microsoft, and Citrix to give users access to data and resources while on-the-go. You should have to simply plug in the USB thumb drive device into an HDMI or MHL display.

The Wyse Cloud Connect device runs on a multi-core Cortex A9 ARM processor, 1GB RAM, and 8GB internal storage. It also runs on Android 4.1. It also has an HDMI/MHL video output, DisplayPort, mini-USB, microSD (72GB expansion), and micro-USB. Wireless is supported through WiFi and Bluetooth.

The Dell Wyse Cloud Connect is available through the Dell online store in the U.S., U.K., China, India, Japan, Australia, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, and several other countries. It costs $129.