Deloitte And 3D Systems Partner On 3D Printing Design Initiatives

Posted Jul 11, 2013

Deloitte, the consulting services conglomerate, has made an exclusive alliance with 3D Systems Corporation.  The two companies will work together to help industries adopt and integrate 3D printing design and manufacturing systems into their business for sustainable competition advantages.  This deal is a first of its kind and is multi-year.  The announcement was made by 3D Systems president and chief executive officer Avi Reichental and Deloitte Consulting LLP principal Marcus Shingles.

“The exponential rate of change around 3D printing innovation is providing an opportunity for companies and industries to capture benefit as early adopters,” stated Shingles. “Together Deloitte and 3D Systems aim to jointly assist clients, champion change, and ultimately pull industries into this new era of opportunity.”

Deloitte and 3D Systems will launched and operate solution centers in various locations where they have mutual clients.  The clients will get exposure to an integrated “future of design and manufacturing.”  Those physical environments will serve as education and design centers.