Delphi and Verizon Launches New Vehicle Diagnostics Service

Posted Jan 7, 2013

Delphi and Verizon Wireless have signed a deal to launch a new service called Vehicle Diagnostics.  The service is a cloud system that connects your vehicle to a smartphone and shows you exactly where you car is.  From there, you can find out what vehicle health and receive alerts for driving behavior.  You can also check for vehicle performance issues and set up geo-fences.

“Drivers can now easily buy a connectivity device that plugs into most vehicles produced over the past 16 years, instantly furnishing seamless interaction and connectivity inside and outside the vehicle,” stated Delphi CTO Jeffrey J. Owens. “Our device will help keep vehicles secure and operating optimally.”

The Delphi connectivity system works on the Verizon Wireless network or Bluetooth to remotely lock or unlock doors.  You can also open the trunk, start/stop the engine, or set off a panic horn.  The Delphi Connected Car App and the Connected Car website shows you the last location where a vehicle was parked.  The partnership was announced at CES.