Delta Airlines Is Going To Distribute Surface 2 Tablets For Staff

Posted Sep 28, 2013

Delta Airlines is going to distribute the Surface 2 tablets to pilots instead of the Nokia “Sirius” tablet as planned.  Around 19,000 flight attendants will receive the tablets along with Delta’s pilots.

“In less than two years, Delta cockpits will be paperless as we roll-out the Microsoft Surface 2 tablet running Windows 8.1 RT as our company-issued device,” said the airline in a statement to employees.  “The 757/767 fleet will be the first to make the transition with the 777, 747 and MD88 as fast followers. Look for an announcement from Delta and Microsoft in the coming days about our partnership on the initiative.”

Delta Airlines pilots currently bring their own iPads with them on the flights.  Now pilots will not have to do this anymore because they will receive a company-issued Surface 2 tablet.

[Source: Windows IT Pro]