Dennis Woodside: The Moto X Phone Is Going To Be Built In The U.S.

Posted May 30, 2013

On Wednesday, Motorola announced that their next smartphone, known as the “Moto X,” will be built entirely in the United States.  Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside confirmed this information at the D11 conference hosted by AllThingsD.  Motorola is going to source the Moto X’s 1,100 components from around the world including 12 states in the U.S., Taiwan (processor), South Korea (OLED screen), but at least 70% of the components are going to be put together at a Motorola factory near Fort Worth, Texas.

Motorola’s 45,000 square foot factory is going to employ around 2,000 people by August.  That facility is a former Nokia factory that employed around 16,000 people around 15 years ago.  The Moto X will be distributed across many carriers.

?When your phone manufacturing is thousands of miles away from your designers and your engineers, you lose the ability to innovate,? said Woodside at the conference.  ?We think that?s going to allow us to innovate and iterate much faster.?

At the conference, Woodside also acknowledged that they have a 3% market share worldwide and that gaining share will be tough.  However he said that the Moto X has a chance to do well because it is a “contextually aware” phone that can detect if it is in a car that is traveling and adjust accordingly.