Details About The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX, Mayday Support, And Mojito OS

Posted Sep 25, 2013

Yesterday Amazon announced the new Kindle Fire HDX tablets.  The new versions of the Kindle tablet will be available in 7-inch and 8.9-inch sizes.  The tablets have a 2GHz Qualcomm quad-core processor, HDX display (339ppi and 4 million pixels), and 100% sRGB color accuracy with dynamic image contrast.  The tablets has the Amazon Fire operating system (version 3.0, known as “Mojito”).  The tablet is one-third lighter than previous versions of the Kindle and it has a new “all-day battery” with 11 hours of mixed use and 17 hours of reading time.

These tablets also have the Mayday tech support button, which is like an SOS alert to ask an Amazon tech support member a question through a video call.  This free feature is available 24 hours per day and is compared to the Apple Genius Bar.  The tablets will also let you download video content for offline consumption.

X-Ray For Music offers a karaoke-style lyric-on-the-screen feature.  X-Ray for Movies and TV also grabs information from Amazon’s IMDb for information about the content that you are watching.  X-Ray also has a second screen feature for when content is playing on a different screen.  Content is also grabbed and synced through Amazon Cloud Collections.

The 7-inch version of the tablets start at $229 (16GB) and $329 for the LTE version.  The 8.9-inch version costs $349 or $479 for the LTE version.  The new tablets are available for pre-order now.  The 7-inch WiFi version will start shipping on October 15th and the 4G version will start shipping about one month later.  The 8.9-inch Kindle HDX will start shipping November 7th and December for the LTE version.

Kindle Fire HD: The Kindle Fire HD has been upgraded.  The Fire HD has an HD display, new processor, and dual speakers.  The price has been dropped to $139 for the Kindle Fire HD.

Amazon Fire OS 3.0 Mojito: The new version of the Amazon Fire OS will likely be rolled out into older versions of the tablet, but Amazon did not confirm or deny this.  The new OS will not have Google Play access.  The new OS has a home screen that has the same familiar apps, games, movies, and music built around it.  When swiping from the right, you will see Quick Switch.  This feature lets you switch between recently used content.

The Second Screen feature can “fling” content to your TV set through a PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, or Samsung smart TV.  Amazon is in the process of signing more content partners.

The content is not streamed from the tablet like Apple does with AirPlay, but it streams it from the cloud.  But you can still use your Fire to control the content.  Goodreads is built into the OS and it will offer the ability to share quotes, reviews, and pull recommendations.

Mojito also supports wireless printing for documents, threaded e-mail, and enterprise service support like VPN and Kerberos.

Mayday: Through Mayday, Amazon employees will be able to help you navigate your tablet by drawing circles and arrows on the screen.  Or they will have the ability to do tasks for your remotely.