Detroit Robocop Statue Hits $50,000 Thanks To Omni Consumer Products

Posted Feb 16, 2011

The Kickstarter project to get a statue of Robocop built in Detroit, Michigan has been successful. The $50,000 needed to erect a statue of Robocop in Detroit was raised plus surpassed. Peter Hottelet of Omni Consumer Products Corporation put in $25,000. The idea for building the statue was inspired by Twitter user @MT. He sent Detroit Mayor Dave Bing a tweet with an idea to build a Robocop statue in Detroit since there is a Rocky statue in Philadelphia. Bing replied that there were no plans to build the statue, but Imagination Station Detroit made the idea a reality by starting the Kickstarter project.

The location of the statue will most likely be at Roosevelt Park facing Michigan Central Station. After talking to some sculptors, Imagination Station came up with the estimated amount of money needed for the 7 foot Robocop statue. Casey V. Westbrook is taking charge of building the sculpture.