Developers Describe Experiences With iCloud

Posted Apr 13, 2012

Apple released iCloud iOS 5 and iCloud six months ago. iCloud now has 85 million users and developers are integrated the cloud service into different apps. interviewed several developers about integrating the cloud.

?It is a non-trivial undertaking, when you are dealing with files, folders, and conflicts?, stated Smile founder Philip Goward in an interview. Smile makes a PDF reading and annotation tool called PDFPen. PDFPen integrated iCloud sync both on the Mac and iOS. ?Users really value iCloud storage and find it very useful to share data across devices, as we?ve seen in comments on the App Store and reviews.? Goward added ?It?s a significant advantage to the user that PDFpen offers this seamless editing experience across both Mac and iPad.?

?The initial documentation was lacking in many aspects but it has been improved. Apple could provide more code samples for both Mac and iOS to help developers do the right thing and understand where performance and reliability issues may arise?, said Rúben Cabaço of Metaclassy. Metaclassy developed text editor Byword for iOS and OS X.