deviantART Partners With Digital Comics Company Madefire

Posted Apr 2, 2013

deviantART is a photography-driven community website that has partnered with digital comics company, Madefire.  Madefire created a proprietary Motion Book Tool that lets storytellers, writers, and artists collaborate on motion-driven projects.  The motion books include animation, music, and sound effects.

So far the motion books have been available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  Through the partnership with deviantART, Madefire’s motion books will be brought to the web in order to reach a broader audience.  Currently deviantART has 28 million registered users.

Madefire’s Motion Books section will appear on the deviantART website.  Even though Madefire’s motion books were available for free on iOS, deviantART is going to be charging 10 cents for each one initially.  Sometime in the near future, Madefire’s Motion Books will no longer be free on iOS.

Many of Madefire’s writers and artists already have a presence on deviantART, which is why this partnership is quite harmonious.