Dhingana shuts down after losing T-Series partnership

Posted Feb 14, 2014

Dhingana is an Indian music streaming service that has shut down. The website started in 2007 that offered over 1 million free on-demand songs in over 42 Indian languages and genres. The company was founded by twin brothers Snehal and Swapnil Shinde. The company posted a farewell note on their website saying that “all good things must come to an end.”

Dhingana raised $7 million in funding and hired their first external CEO less than a year ago. One of the biggest setbacks the company faced was when their biggest music label partner, T-Series, refused to renew their licensing agreement in December.

?We were not able to see much traction in the service and secondly we couldn?t agree on the commercials and both parties thus decided to part ways in an amicable manner,? stated T-Series president Neeraj Kalyan in an interview with TechCrunch when the partnership ended.

Now Bollywood music fans will need to use a website like Saavn or Gaana.com to fill this void.

[Source: TheNextWeb]