Diamond Cruikshank’s Tweets Gets Her Kicked Off Mt. San Antonio College Campus

Posted Jun 9, 2010

Diamond Cruikshank was a 21 year old radio and television major at Mt. San Antonio College until she started tweeting. Now she is no longer allowed to step foot on the campus. This is her story.

Diamond Cruikshank had a disagreement with Professor of Commercial Entertainment and Arts Tammy Trujillo (profile) about studio time. So Diamond started a Twitter profile to bash the professor without using any names.

Trujillo’s student assistant Cheri Easley informed the professor that Diamond is tweeting. ?I was trying to be respectful and not express how I really felt of the situation in an angry tone of voice to a person of authority, a professor in this case, so I went on Twitter to get the frustration out of my system and then get back to work,? said Cruikshank in an interview with MountieWire.

?Im not going to war on this buuut don?t push me, cuz then you start playing with fire and oil. I respect you so you respect me,? said one of the tweets that Diamond sent out. Trujillo felt that this was a direct threat. But none of Cruikshank’s tweets mentioned Trujillo by name.

What makes this case complex is that the college possibly violated Cruikshank’s First Amendment rights. ?The state has the Leonard Law, California Education Code Section 66301 that states that a community college can?t punish a student for saying things that are protected by the First Amendment if they say them off campus. I think there is no question that those tweets are protected by the First Amendment,? said Adam Goldstein, an attorney advocate for the Student Press Law Center.

I believe that the Walnut, California based college handled this case irresponsibly and amateurishly.  Perhaps if I wrote this article when attending that college, I’d be kicked out too.