Digeo Launches Moxi Mate DVR Streamer For $399

Posted Aug 7, 2009

Digeo has announced a new device called the Moxi Mate.  The Moxi Mate even has the ability to stream DVR programming in different rooms.  The Moxi HD DVR player is supposedly “virtually silent.”  From the main unit, Moxi is able to stream Rhapsody music, Flickr photos, Hulu, and Netflix.

Using the MoxiNet app, users will also be able to browser the Internet.  The Moxi Mate is able to stream media from other DLNA compliant devices.  The device does not yet have the ability to stream HD, but it will be able to in the near future.  Digeo has also added support for external storage devices.

The device retails for $399.  The Moxi HD DVR retails for $799.  The bundle retails for $999.  HD DVR owners will be able to buy a Mate for about $199.

[via SlashGear]