Digg and Wikia Both Launch Toolbars Today

Posted Aug 6, 2008


Kevin Rose announced today that the user-generated news submission site has released Digg Toolbar 1.0.  To download the toolbar, visit the Firefox Add-ons page.  Below are some screen shots that I pulled from Digg.com.

When going to a website that has already been dugg, the toolbar will notify users that it has already been dugg, how many comments were made on Digg, and will give users the option to Digg the story from the click of a button.  (See screen shot #3)

Digg Toolbar 1.0 will also let users know when there is new popular content that has made it to the Digg homepage.  Notifications can be controlled through filters as demonstrated in screen shot #1.  To hide the Digg toolbar from the browser, click on the Digg guy icon in the navigation bar. (screen shot #3)

The reason why I like this feature is because when I see an article that seems interesting enough to be Dugg or submitted, first I’d have to go to the Digg homepage and click submit.  Then I’d have to copy and paste the URL and find out if there are duplicate stories.  This removes all of those steps and makes my life easier. 

Another reason why I like the Digg toolbar is if you click on Submit when an article has not yet been Dugg, then the Submit a New Link step is automatically populated.

What I don’t like about the Digg toolbar is if you click on Digg It, a new window will open and the user still has to press Digg It for the vote to count.  It’d be cool if it automatically Diggs the vote through the toolbar itself.

Dan Lewis of Wikia announced today that the search engine company has created a toolbar of their own called Wikia Evolution.  Wikia Evolution is available on the Firefox Add-On page as well.  Wikia is looking for toolbar users to help them with indexing pages on their search engine.

“We want to make it dead-simple for you to add URLs into our index under appropriate keywords.  Already, we?re the cutting edge when it comes to incorporating user feedback into our search results, so much so that Google is experimenting with eerily similar features,” wrote Lewis on the Wikia blog.  “Wikia Evolution pushes the envelope even further.  It allows you to quickly and easily add the web page you are on into Wikia Search, directly from your browser, for whatever keyword is appropriate.  Instant indexing!   Then, you can modify the search result to make it really killer, all without leaving the page you?re on.”

Below is a screen shot of what the toolbar does when adding it to Firefox.  Users can begin to Add and Rate websites from other search engines to better index them on Wikia.

A couple of new toolbars from a couple of strong Web 2.0 companies launched in one day proves that Web 2.0 innovation is not slowing down.