Digg Clone, Netscape Getting Buried, But Not Going Away For Good Just Yet

Posted Sep 7, 2007

“Visitors to Netscape.com will see a more traditional news experience very soon. Don’t worry, the social news site isn’t going away! We will keep you updated on where you will be able to find the social news site as we get closer to making the switch,” wrote Tom Drapeau on the Netscape Blog.

Jason Calacanis is often associated for Netscape turning into a Digg clone and is often seen as Kevin Rose’s arch-enemy, but did not seem to act that way on the second episode of the GigaOM show.  Calacanis was also known for hiring top users of social bookmarking sites Digg, Reddit, Newsvine, Flickr, etc. and having them shift over to Netscape.

The new Netscape homepage will look like netscape.aol.com, but Netscape’s social bookmarking platform hasn’t found a new URL home yet.  Calacanis no longer works as a General Manager at Netscape, but is instead invested heavily in his search engine start-up, Mahalo.com.