Digg Copycat, Propeller Now Wants You To “Prop It”

Posted Jul 22, 2008

Time Warner Inc. (NYSE:TWX) subsidiary and one of the biggest Digg copycats that I have seen thus far, Propeller has relaunched into a lamer version than it’s 1.0 version.  When the site relaunched this morning, Propeller got rid of the Digg-like voting scheme, but the site is now telling their users to “Prop It,” also known as voting for stories to make it to the homepage.  The site is now using a scale of 1-10 for their stories.

Members of the new Propeller can create groups too.  Some of the most recently created groups are Firefox, Offbeat, Britney Spears, StumbleUpon, Jovial’s Group, Make Money Online, google, Organization, 90210, and Autos. 

Propeller categories include Arts/Entertainment, Business/Finance, Family, Humor, News, Science/Technology, Sports, and Style.  When a story makes it to the homepage of Propeller, they appear on the homepages of AOL and AOL News too. 

The biggest flaw that the new Propeller has right now is that they are giving their community too much power.  Spammers will be having a party with that ability.  The new Propeller site is pretty ugly too.  Simpletons using the site will not be able to tell what part of the site is a text ad and what part is actually content.  I really think that this site needs a major design overhaul.

The concept of Propeller first started on Netscape.com.  The idea was led by Jason Calacanis.  Calacanis hired several top users on Digg, Reddit, Flickr, and Newsvine to drive the top stories on Netscape.com.  Kevin Rose, founder of Digg called out Calacanis for doing this, but later the two ended their feud.  The voting idea was killed off of Netscape.com and then later moved to Propeller.   

Any thoughts on the new Propeller?  Comment away.

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