Digg Cutting 10% Of Their Staff

Posted May 9, 2010

Social bookmarking service Digg.com will be cutting 10% of their staff. The company has a little over 70 employees as of right now. About a month ago Jay Adelson stepped down from the CEO position and was replaced by founder Kevin Rose. Below is an e-mail that Rose sent out to employees:

Hey everyone,

This morning we faced the difficult task of reducing our team by about 10%. This was an emotional and rough morning for everyone involved. Laying off dedicated and hard working individuals is extremely difficult, but we tried our best to treat everyone with the utmost respect and support. I hope all of you will join me in the effort to assist all of those affected, be it as a reference or a referring source and most importantly, as a friend.

This is one of the hardest decisions we?ve had to make recently but we strongly believe that it is the right decision for the long-term ?health of the company. In order to achieve our goals, we are putting more emphasis on the engineering and development efforts. In fact, we are still hiring for these teams as they are critical in getting us to where we need to be for the future, for our impending upcoming redesign and much beyond. The only way for us to truly succeed is to adapt and adjust as necessary.

I?m sure there will be many follow-?up questions to this email. So, we?ll be holding an all hands today at 3pm where you can ask questions and share your comments.