Digg Is Launching Their RSS Reader In Beta Next Month

Posted May 1, 2013

Digg is preparing to launch their new RSS reading service next month.  Digg parent company, Betaworks, decided to build an RSS reader when Google announced that they are shutting down Google Reader in March.  Betaworks acquired Instapaper late last month and they believe this service will complement Digg Reader.

Digg conducted a survey to find out how many people are willing to pay for a Google Reader replacement.  They found that 40% of their 8,600 participants said that they were willing to pay even though Google Reader was available for free.

In the survey, Digg also found that Google’s social features were not a major priority for people.  Over one-third of respondents did not use a read-later service like Pocket or Instapaper.  However, Digg is still planning on integrating solid social features when it launches.

Digg Reader will support Instapaper, Pocket, Evernote, and Readability for the read-later options.  Digg Reader will also allow users to share stories through social networks and e-mail.