Digg Now Works Great On Windows Mobile: http://m.digg.com

Posted Jul 31, 2008

“It?s even easier to access Digg on the go with the new mobile version of Digg,” stated Jeff Hodson. “This enhanced version – found at m.digg.com – is perfect for phones that support the full web browsing experience, such as a Treo, Blackberry or that new iPhone you just waited in line all morning to get.”

Now Digg is available for those who use Windows Mobile.  I currently have a Motorola Q and was getting frustrated by the lack of functionality that Digg had when loading the site on the phone.  That problem has just been solved.

http://m.digg.com is able to show multiple views of popular stories.  If the story is tagged on YouTube, the video can be played on the iPhone.  Digg Mobile has the ability for users to favorites stories when logged in.  More comments can be loaded when browsing through stories.  And now that there is less JavaScript used on Digg Mobile, pages load faster.  Most important, the Digg It feature actually works on the mobile version.

Here are pictures of what Digg looked like before creating the mobile version:

And here is what Digg Mobile looks like now:

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