Digg Rehauling The Comment System

Posted May 6, 2008

Digg.com, the user-generated news web site is known for the famous homepage stories and the witty comments made by the user community. Everything gets voted on including the quality of the comments. If your comment is not good enough for the community, they’ll vote it down and it gets buried.

Digg will be removing a lot of the AJAX features from the site to increase load time. All comments will have permalinks tied to them so that people can link directly to them from their websites and social networks. Comments also load as users scroll down instead of preloading them before the site loads. Users can delete their comments anytime compared to before when comments were permanent.

Comments will also have a sorting system. Users will be able to sort comments based on oldest first, newest first, controversial, vigorous, and most dugg.

Below is a video clip of Kevin Rose narrating the new features: