Digg Removes IM Information From All Profiles

Posted Mar 14, 2009

Looks like Digg does not like users communicating and sharing stories through instant messaging anymore.   It’s pretty clear why.  Many users have been taking advantage of adding people to buddy lists and asking them repeatedly to Digg stories for them.

I’ve heard of cases where users would have hundreds of users’ IM information and send them requests daily.  Personally I’ve used IM information from Digg profiles a few times to discuss social media with users such as Amy Vernon and Muhammad Saleem.  Communicating with other users can result in interesting conversations, but some people can use the same information to try and game the system.

While I think Digg’s removal of the IM information from profiles was a bit harsh, I think it may do some good.  No official word yet on why they chose to remove it yet.