Digg Should Add A Delete All Shouts Button

Posted Dec 27, 2008

Last night I returned home from an eight day vacation.  Catching up on work for me includes clearing through all of the shouts that I received on Digg.com that I received over the last 8 days.  I had about 250 pages worth of unread Digg shouts sitting around.

Why is this a big deal?  Digg lists 10 unread shouts per page and you cannot select more than one to delete at a time.  That means I have to click the delete button about 2,500 times and click on the next page about 250 times.  That could consume a lot of bandwidth which translates into additional operating costs for the social bookmarking site.

If Digg introduced a button to allow users to quickly delete a page worth or even 250 pages worth of shouts in one swoop, it would save Digg money and save time for their users.  At one point there was a solution to this dilemma in the form of a Greasemonkey Digg script hack.  But Digg recently went on a banning spree for those who used these scripts to prevent people from what they believed was “gaming the system.”

From my perspective I believe that Digg shouts are the equivalent of e-mailing news stories to family and friends or sending messages on Facebook, but doing it in a more copious manner.   Every e-mail provider allows you to delete a mass number of messages at once.  Facebook allows users to delete a page full of messages in one swoop.  Why should Digg be any different?

Deleting Facebook messages, e-mails, and Digg shouts is a way of clearing out old, cluttered information.  Digg makes it a bit harder.  Regardless, I’ll be spending a good amount of my Saturday deleting about 2,500 Digg shouts.