Digsby Update Statuses On Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn In One Go

Posted Aug 13, 2009

Digsby has released a new version of their software that allows people to simultaneously update their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace status messages in one go.  This is extremely useful for those that are on all the social networks.  The newest version is called Digsby 61.

The new feature on Digsby 61 is called the Global Status dialog.  The Global Status has a URL shortening service built in.  The link shortening service does not cross into IM windows.  The shortened URL on Digsby links to the content but has a Digsby toolbar connected to it. To avoid the Digsby toolbar, add a – sign at the end of the URL.

In the new version of Digsby, there is also skins available for the buddy list.  Digsby has support for AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, GTalk, ICQ, Facebok, GMail, AOL, IMAP, POP, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace.

[via CNET]