DirecTV and Time Warner Considering TV Streaming Similar To Aereo

Posted Oct 26, 2013

Aereo is a live over-the-air TV broadcasting service that uses antennas and video streams to stream content for subscribers to $8 per month.  Broadcasters have attempted to sue Aereo, but did not have any luck yet.  Aereo faced legal battles from FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS. 

Aereo has launched in 7 cities so far and has plans to launch in another 20.  Cable and satellite companies like DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, and Charter Communications have been watching Aereo’s progress and is considering using similar services, according to Bloomberg.

?If found to be legal, the Aereo concept is very interesting, especially as it relates to retransmission consent fees,? stated Time Warner cable spokeswoman Maureen Huff in an interview with Bloomberg.