How To Turn Off The Facebook Timeline

Posted Mar 22, 2012

Several people have asked me how to turn off the Facebook Timeline. By now, Facebook Timeline has probably been rolled out to all users. Some people have integrated Facebook Timeline, but wanted to opt out again. Below is a list of ways to disable Facebook Timeline from your profile.

1. Deactivate Facebook Account and Activate It Again
I have heard that this sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. Some users found that deactivating your Facebook account for about 10 minutes and then activating it again allows you to see the old Facebook profile design. To deactivate your account, go to the Account menu–>Account Settings–>Security Settings–>Deactivate your account.

You can reactivate your account after that by logging in with your e-mail address and password. If you forgot your password, you can reset it here.

2. Social Fixer Extension
The Social Fixer For Facebook browser extension removes Facebook Timeline for most browsers in under a minute. It works as a Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Greasemonkey extension.

The extension also allows you to remove recent activity, hide posts you have already read, change your Facebook skin, tab your news feeds, and set up un-friend notifications.

3. Timeline Remove Extension
Timeline Remove is an extension that was designed for Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. A Safari version of the extension is in the works. This extension disables only the display of the new Facebook Timeline, but it is still possible for your friends to see your Timeline. You can disable the new profile for all and then go back.

4. Tricking Your Browser Into Thinking It Is Internet Explorer 7
When visiting a website, it knows what browser you are visiting from. But if you trick Facebook into thinking you are using Internet Explorer 7.0, it will not load Timeline.

If you are using Firefox, it is very simple. Simply download this extension called User Agent Switcher. This adds a menu to the toolbar button for switching the user agent of a browse. After installing the extension, click on the Tools menu on Firefox, select Internet Explorer, and then select Internet Explorer 7.

Chrome, Safari, and Opera users will have to do some extra steps to set up a default user agent. Here is a link to to a tutorial that helps you with that:

5. If You Enabled Timeline Through Facebook Developers Page
If you have a Facebook Developers account, log in to your Facebook account and then go to the Facebook developers page at Click on “Edit App” next to the name of the Timeline app and then click on “Delete App.” Confirm and then click Okay. Your profile should be back to the old interface after that.