Discovery Communications Files Patent For Their Own E-Book Reader

Posted Sep 1, 2009

With all of the patent litigation taking place in the business world today, it only makes sense to patent some of the products that you own.  Back in February, Discovery filed a patent for their digital book reader.

The abstract of the patent states:

“A viewer for displaying an electronic book and providing for electronic commerce. In conjunction with viewing an electronic book, a user can view information about products and services, view an on-line electronic catalog, and receive samples of products available for purchase. By entering a purchase request, the user can purchase products or services. In the case of a digital product, the user can download the purchased product directly into the viewer. The viewer also records statistics concerning purchase and information requests in order to recommend related products or services, or for directing particular types of advertisements to the user.”

The picture in the patent reveals that Discovery may have a partnership in place with Fodor’s and U.S. News & World Report. Discovery’s e-book reader will be competing with the Kindle and the Sony Reader. The Discovery e-book reader will have line in and out jacks, coaxial in and out jacks, and a high-res LCD screen.