Disney Buys 27% Of Hulu, Sending Over ABC Programs

Posted Apr 30, 2009

Disney has decided to jump on board with online video streaming by sending over content over to Hulu.  That’s not all.  Disney has acquired 27% of the company.  Disney joins other Hulu owners NBC Universal, News Corporation, and Providence Equity Partners.  Soon Disney will be sending over shows like Lost, Desperate Housewives, and Grey’s Anatomy to start with.

“We are smiling big today because we are honored to be working with a company that quite frankly inspired us from the very start of Hulu. Walt Disney was a founder, an innovator, a person with an atypically high quality bar, and someone who was maniacal in his obsession to delight his customers. Hulu has always taken great inspiration in that example and the culture Walt Disney created (which Bob Iger and his team carry forward and push to new levels),” stated the Hulu blog regarding the partnership.

CBS and the CW are basically the only major TV networks left out of Hulu.  CBS is hosting high quality episodes of their own TV shows on CBS.com and TV.com.  The CW hosts full TV shows on their website too.