Disney May Build Their Own Online Movie Rental Service

Posted Mar 4, 2009

Disney sells a plethora of music, movies, and TV on iTunes.  Disney may not be too happy about the chunks of revenue that Apple takes out of it because at the Deutsche Bank 17th Annual Media And Telecommunications Conference yesterday, Disney CEO Bob Iger said that the company “is considering creating a subscription-based online movie and TV rental service from the company’s huge video library.”

However BusinessInsider makes a great point.  “Web users like to find all their content in one place, not in isolated verticals,” wrote BusinessInsider editor Nicholas Carlson.  Perhaps Disney should make a partnership with Hulu rather than starting their own rental service.  Or better yet create a Hulu version of all of their archived programs and movies.  Target advertisers would love to reach that demographic.  A Disney version of Hulu would make the life of a babysitters easier too.