Disney To Start Tracking Visitors Through MagicBand Wristband

Posted Jan 28, 2013

This spring, Disney World will start handing out wristbands called MagicBand with chips that hold credit card numbers, FastPass codes, and other personal information like the names of your children and your birthday.  This means that if your kid goes up to Snow White, the Disney princess would already know his or her name.

?It?s really Big Brother being brought to the theme park,? stated International Them Park Services president Dennis Speigel.  Speigel meant this in a good way because the MagicBand wristband would allow the company do things that the industry only dreamed of.

“It?s enabling Disney to understand, watch, follow, track the guest and then utilize the information — not only during their visit — but for future visits during the years to come,? added Speigel in an interview with Marketplace.org.