Disney’s MagicBand Lets Park Visitors Make Purchases and Reservations

Posted May 29, 2013

At the AllThingsD D11 conference, Walt Disney Theme Parks and Resorts chairman Thomas Staggs, said that the MagicBand device will allow theme park visitors will be able to make purchases and reservations.  The MagicBands will be rolled out over the next few months after a two-year pilot program.  The MagicBands will be integrated with the MyMagic+ service.

The MagicBand wrist device is made out of rubberized plastic and will allow visitors to tap on check-in points for different experiences.  The bands will be available in adult and child sizes with support for Bluetooth and radio frequency technologies.  It also supports long-range and short-range reading.  The MagicBands can be ordered online and comes free with the purchase of tickets and packages.

MagicBands can be used for tracking park passes, Fastpass passes, and hotel keys.  The MagicBand can be delivered to your home before visiting the park and it can be reused.

Another useful feature built into the MagicBand is the ability to pre-arrange for a number of attractions at Disney parks including e-ticket rides and events like meeting characters, parades, and fireworks shows.  The MagicBand will help reduce the amount of time that is required for planning what to do at the park.  The MagicBand can be use for preventing ticket fraud and lost tickets.

The MagicBand can also serve as a way to pay for items in the park by tapping on a payment pad at vendors.  The payment system uses a random code that is encrypted.  The bands are not transferrable and is used by only one person.  Disconnecting from the band remotely is simple.  Purchases are limited to $50 unless a pin code is entered to prevent fraud.  Bands can also be limited to block any kind of purchase.  Spending limits can also be set.  This way kids learns how to balance their budgets.

Disney is also testing a feature that will be able to notify a dressed up character what the name of a kid is as they approach.  If your son Jeff approaches Mickey Mouse at the park, he can immediately say “Hi Jeff!”  This feature is currently used for some of their corporate presentations.

[Image Credit: DISBlog]