Disqus: Facebook Has Not Put A Dent In Our Traction

Posted Mar 11, 2011

Facebook recently launched a commenting platform for third party publications. If you are logged into Facebook, you can easily make comments on websites that use the plugin like TechCrunch.com. Before Facebook launched the commenting plugin, the two big players in this space is Disqus and IntenseDebate.

PEHub interview Disqus co-founder Daniel Ha about whether the Facebook commenting system affected their business. ?We think of Facebook as a competent competitor,? said Ha. ?They?ve put a stake in the ground ? they see a lot of value in what we do. But we haven?t seen [Facebook] make a dent in our traction, which is why we aren?t shaking in our boots.? Disqus raised $4.5 million from Y Combinator and Union Square Ventures over the past year. They have over 700,000 communities that use their service including CNN, Fox News, and AllThingsD.