Disqus Is Now Hitting 1 Billion Total Monthly Visitors

Posted May 13, 2013

Disqus has announced a new feature today that will enable publishers to learn more about the commenters on their websites.  Known as AudienceSync, Disqus allows users to share their Disqus information with a publisher.  If a website uses AudienceSync to request access to your information, you will be presented with an authorization request that is similar to the requests we commonly see from Facebook.

?It?s an extension of how already Disqus works,? stated Disqus CEO and co-founder Daniel Ha in an interview with TechCrunch.  The shared information includes a user’s name, context, and biographical information.  Around 100 million profiles have been created.

?This is another way we?re helping publishers get more direct financial value of their investment in comments,? added Disqus’ Vice President of Marketing and Communications Steve Roy.  AudienceSync is currently being tested on websites like The Daily Meal and MichelleMalkin.com.  This feature is now available for all Disqus publishers.

Disqus also announced today that they are being used on 2.5 million websites and is hitting over 1 billion total monthly visitors.  These numbers are based on the company’s publisher network, not specifically the overall engagement of the product.  Around 55% of those visitors view the comments.