Divyank Turakhia Buys Ad.com For $1.4 Million

Posted May 1, 2009

Ad.com, one of the most sought after domain names has sold to a domain parking company called Skenzo for $1.4 million.  The domain name was sold at the Moniker TRAFFIC conference in California.  The highest bidder was Divyank Turakhia (pictured above).

At the TRAFFIC auction, Moniker made about $2 million in domain names.  Ad.com was sold at the highest price.  Bottledwater.com sold for $45,000 and Athletic.com sold for $40,000.

Domain names have been a hot market to be in over the last year.  Last December, it was reported that YP.com was bought for $3.85 million.  And about one year ago, Pizza.com was bought for $2.5 million while the owner was vacationing at Disneyland.  Travelzoo bought Fly.com for $1.8 million in January and Vibrators.com sold for $1 million in November.

If you have a good domain name, now might be the right time to auction it off if you want money now.  If you know anyone interested in the domain name, Zueo.com, be sure to let us know too 🙂

[via TechCrunch]