DJ Shadow Becomes UMG’s First Artist To Sell Whole Catalog On Website

Posted Aug 7, 2009

DJ Shadow has made an agreement with Universal Music Group to sell his whole digital and physical catalog through his website. Through this deal DJ Shadow will be able to maintain artist independence and Universal Music Group will be able to keep their artist happy.

?Obviously, there are plenty of artists with digital-download stores, but Universal has never done this before,? stated DJ Shadow.  DJ Shadow is also known as Josh Davis.  ?The store is basically a break-even proposition. But I want to take care of people from the moment they click on the site to the moment they leave. And now if you are a major-label artist, you can do it, too. We have all the contracts in place.?

The DJ Shadow website will be redesigned and will have major content updates.  There will be two new sections called “Guide to Collect DJ Shadow” and “DJ Shadow Handmade Series.”  DJ Shadow is also going to be featured in the DJ Hero game.

[via Wired]