ISPs Successfully Find Ways To DNSChanger

Posted Jul 9, 2012

Many people were worried about the DNSChanger malware that was supposed to cause them to lose their Internet today.  The DNSChanger malware and the servers that the FBI was using to reroute infected machines will be shut down today.  Some people may have lost their Internet as a result.  However ISPs around the country have been successful and circumventing this from happening.  A total of 64,000 computers were expected to be affected.

Comcast has been able to identify which of their customers would be infected and they helped them clean their computers before the kill-switch date that was set to midnight last night.  Verizon plans to send out technicians to their customers that were affected.

Six Estonian nationals were arrested and changed with the Internet fraud ring that had infected millions of computers worldwide back in November 2011. The virus that they created were used to manipulate the multi-billion dollar Internet advertising industry. The two-year FBI investigation is code-named Operation Ghost Click.

At the beginning of 2007, the Estonians used a class of malware called DNSChanger to infect around 4 million computers across 100 countries. The thieves were able to generate at least $14 million in illicit fees. DNSChanger was used to redirect users to rogue servers that were controlled by them.