DoCoMo Lost 66,800 Net Users In September

Posted Oct 7, 2013

DoCoMo is the largest mobile phone carrier in Japan, but they are losing subscribers at a rapid pace.  DoCoMo recently added the Apple iPhone to their line-up, but since they were late to the market, KDDI Corp. and SoftBank was able to gain many more subscribers.  DoCoMo lost 66,800 net users in September while SoftBank added 270,700 and KDDI added 232,700.

When Apple launched the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c last month, DoCoMo was added to the list of mobile carriers that were selling the device.  DoCoMo started selling the iPhones on September 20th.  The reason why DoCoMo did not sell the iPhone before was because they were focusing on selling handsets made by Sony Corporation and Samsung Electronics.  They also wanted to protect their dmarket e-commerce store from competing with Apple iTunes.

DoCoMo said that the subscriber loss was due to customers that delayed by purchases until the new Apple iPhones went for sale on September 20th and the insufficient stock on the iPhones.  They also said that the marketing strategies from their rivals also hurt their business.

DoCoMo still has a larger subscriber base than KDDI and SoftBank.  DoCoMo has 61.8 million subscribers as of last month.  SoftBank has 34 million and KDDI has 39 million.

[Source: Bloomberg]