DocStoc Launches Recommendation Platform ExpertCircle

Posted May 22, 2013

Docstoc is a service for users to upload, share, and sell their own professional, financial, and legal documents.  Professional documents from in-house professionals and lawyers can be purchased through Docstoc as well.  The company currently has 30 million registered users and now they are launching a new service called ExpertCircle.  ExpertCircle is a platform that enables businesses to find the top recommended products and vendors.

ExpertCircle uses testimonials of authenticated professionals and leverages expert endorsements and reviews to recommend tailored products in categories like business insurance, productivity software, and HR tools. ExpertCircle should provide reassurance to businesses by knowing that they can discover the best products and vendors for their businesses very quickly.  Products can be categorized by subjects (accounting/HR/real estate) and specific industries (retail/restaurant/healthcare).

?Millions of small businesses utilize Docstoc each month, and they?re constantly telling us that they need help determining which products are the most valuable to help them reach their business goals,? stated Docstoc founder and CEO Jason Nazar. ?Most small business owners rely on word of mouth for business advice; with ExpertCircle we?re incorporating the ability for those same professionals to share their personal endorsements on a platform accessible by all business owners, so that they can, too, easily find the best products and vendors that are reviewed by their professional peers and based on their given needs. The same way that consumers turn to Yelp and Angie?s List for reviews, ExpertCircle is a free platform for business owners, entrepreneurs and operators to get the most reliable recommendations on business products that their peers recommend and use.?

Business owners and operators can create a profile of their business, which will allow them to receive tailored recommendations of the best products.  ExpertCircle users can search/view endorsements and critiques of products and vendors that are authenticated by experts inside and outside of their social graph.  Business owners will be able to submit their product for consideration by ExpertCircle.