Domino’s Pizza Revamping Online Ordering System, Hiring Employees In Ann Arbor

Posted Jan 4, 2010

Ann Arbor based pizza corporation Domino’s Pizza is getting ready to revamp their website’s ordering system. The company will be hiring about 30 technology employees around Ann Arbor as a result. The ordering system on the Domino’s Pizza website accounts for about 20% of all sales.

Domino’s previously outsourced IT development to several firms in Illinois and California, but now the company is in-sourcing talent. ?We?re bringing this in house,? stated Domino’s CIO Christopher McGlothlin in an interview with ?We?re offering Silicon Valley jobs in Ann Arbor.?

Domino’s has also revamped its pizza recipe in order to attract new customers. Domino’s has been using different sauce ingredients and bread ingredients.

So far Domino’s has about 150 IT employees and the company will be hiring the additional 20-30 from the schools from around the area. Ann Arbor is the home of the University of Michigan and is a few miles from Eastern Michigan University and Michigan State University. Domino’s e-commerce director Jim Vitek has already been networking at local tech events such as the Ann Arbor New Tech Meetup.

Domino’s Pizza has an annual revenue of $1.37 billion and runs about 8,700 stores across the globe. The company caters to different toppings based on the location of the restaurants.