Don Gibson, Long Lost Ex-Wife, and Son Reunite With The Help of Facebook

Posted Jul 21, 2012

Don Gibson has been separated from his ex-wife and son for around 21 years.  He has been able to locate them with the help of Facebook after years of searching for them using people finder websites and a private detective through Scotland Yard.  Don Gibson is a U.S. airman that was forced to return home from the United Kingdom 20 years earlier.

His 22-year-old son Craig has been trying to trace his father too.  Craig’s mother Chrissie lost touch with Don after they were forced to be separated by his commanders.  When Don found his son’s Facebook account, he nervously typed him a message.

?I read about two sentences and had to stop because I was so emotional,” said Craig.  ?I was in tears and had to lie down on the floor. I knew it was him instantly. The picture wasn?t great but I was sure it was him.”

Chrissie told Don said that she could not believe that they found Don.  She told Don that she never stopped loving him and he told her that he felt the same.  The two are talking about marriage again.  Don, originally from Texas, and Chrissie met while he was at a dinner in Britain.  The two married shortly before Craig was born in October 1989.  In 1990, the family went to the U.S. with Chrissie’s two sons from her first marriage.  They traveled through the military and servicemen/women on flights were prioritized.  They returned to the United Kingdom several days late as a result so Chrissie’s ex-husband’s partner complained to Don’s airbase commander.

?The commander told Don we were his responsibility and that he?d brought the Air Force into disrepute,? said Chrissie in an interview with Mirror UK.  ?When Don went to re-enlist the following year, he was turned down and was forced to return to America.?

She added that she could not move to America and leave her two other boys.  She had a choice to either leave Don or her two other children.  She chose her children.  The couple still vowed to stay together and write to each other every week or talk on the phone.  The gaps between the letters started to increase and then they completely lost touch with each other.

Craig had sent 150 messages to people on Facebook with the last name Gibson in Texas, not knowing that Don had settled in Oregon.  She and Don had remarried.  Today Chrissie is divorced and Don is widowed.

Don was watching an episode of Oprah where someone had reunited with a relative through Facebook.  So he logged on to the social network and started searching.  He ended up finding Craig’s half-brother from Chrissie’s first marriage and contacted him.  Don sent a Facebook message to Craig last month.  Craig received the Facebook message while on a holiday to Cornwall with his girlfriend.

When returning home from Cornwall, he chatted with his dad on Skype on June 16th and said “Hi Dad, Happy Father’s Day.”  The family hopes to reunited in October for Craig’s 23rd birthday.  Don is hoping to move to England and there are plans for remarriage.

?We can be a family again. This is our fairy tale story,” said Don.  “I thank my lucky stars for modern technology because without that we wouldn?t be here.?