Donations To Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Substantially Increases Following Scandal

Posted Aug 26, 2012

Former professional road cyclist Lance Armstrong is the subject of controversy after being accused of doping.  Several high-profile cyclists allege that Armstrong cheated, but he retains a large amount of respect in some circles.  Armstrong had survived testicular cancer and started the Lance Armstrong Foundation after that.  Armstrong had won the Tour De France a record seven consecutive times after surviving the cancer.

According to a tweet, Armstrong’s Livestrong foundation has seen a major increase in donations.  It looks like the controversy paid off in a good way.  According to a tweet that he sent to his 3.7+ million Twitter followers, Armstrong said “Thanks to all the amazing @LIVESTRONG supporters worldwide. Donations today were UP 25x over yesterdays. Thank you thank you thank you!”

On Friday morning, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency had issued a lifetime ban from road cycling and essentially deleted his 14 years of career according to Mashable.  Armstrong wrote a statement saying “Enough is enough.”  He simply does not have the energy to deal with these allegations.

Armstrong started Livestrong in 1997.  The mission of the foundation is to “inspire and power” people affected by cancer.  People that support Livestrong are known for wearing a yellow armband.