Dong Nguyen takes down ‘Flappy Bird’ because of stress of success

Posted Feb 9, 2014

Dong Nguyen has taken down the popular “Flappy Bird” mobile game for iOS and Android. Dong wrote on Twitter that he was taking down the game because there was a lot of pressure and stress following the success of the game.

Nguyen wrote on Twitter yesterday that he was going to take down the game. As of today at 12PM, the app was taken down. If you have already downloaded the game, you will still be able to play it. Some people threatened to kill Dong or themselves if the app is not restored.

The “Flappy Bird” app launched in May 2013 and surged to the top of the app charts. The game started to hit $55,000 in ad revenues per day as a result of the success. The game was difficult to beat because the bird character is hard to control.

Here are the tweets that Dong wrote: