Don’t Forget To Follow @TheWhiteHouse On Twitter

Posted Jan 21, 2009

Twitter was used substantially during Obama’s presidential campaign, but now his administration will be taking over the official @TheWhiteHouse Twitter account.  According to Mashable, the Bush Administration updated the @TheWhiteHouse account over 1,500 times with links to the President’s weekly radio address and text of executive orders made during Bush’s final days as President.  @TheWhiteHouse Twitter account will now feature updates, a new avatar, and links to the text of the inaugural address.  The @TheWhiteHouse Twitter account will link to blog posts on the new White House blog.

The account is following 7 other Twitter accounts and has over 13,000 followers.  A few Twitter users whined that Barack Obama did not update his personal Twitter account much after he became President so at least they have something to look forward to now.

Twitter was recently attacked by several hackers, who took over the accounts for FOX News, Britney Spears, Barack Obama, Rick Sanchez, etc.  With accounts like TheWhiteHouse becoming more active, it is time for Twitter to step up their security.

[via Mashable]