Don’t Tase Me, 13 Year Old Bro!

Posted Mar 17, 2009

A British 13 year old boy brought in a stun gun during break time at school recently.  He then decided to zap three of his classmates with the device.

“He whipped out the stun gun and started chasing people around. He and his friends were passing it around and the other kids were screaming,” stated a witness “When it hit someone they would drop to the ground, but he would keep on chasing.”

When students quickly reported the misbehavior of the student, the stun gun was confiscated and the police were alerted.  Fortunately no one was injured.  The unnamed boy was charged with possessing a weapon under the 1968 Firearms Act.  He was suspended from the Warwickshire school for one week.

The boy’s older brother said that the 13 year old bought the stun gun for £15 ($21).  The younger boy zapped his older brothers a few times.  “Dad had no idea he bought it and certainly didn’t know he had brought it back home,” stated the older brother.  “He’s an idiot for taking it into school and using it on people but I think he’s learnt his lesson.”

Why a 13 year old didn’t have the device confiscated at home after zapping his older brothers is still a mystery.  Well as long as he’ll never see that thing again, the Warwickshire school is safe.  No matter what, using a stun gun results in bad news as we’ve seen with the Andrew W. Meyer case.

[via Mail Online]