Door To Door Organics Brings Fresh And Organic Produce To Your Home Or Office

Posted Oct 9, 2013

Door To Door Organics is one of the largest and fastest-growing online grocery companies.  The company makes online grocery shopping easier by quickly delivering fresh and organic produce to homes and offices.  Door To Door Organics sources products from local farmers.

When users sign up for Door To Door Organics on their website, they will receive a box delivered each week that contains 4-5 different types of fruits and 4-5 different types of vegetables.  The items received are dependent on the season and personal preferences of the user.  Users can also receive meat, sweet foods, and other non-produce goods.  The boxes cost between $22 to $56.

Door To Door Organics was founded by David Gersenson in Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania in 1997.  Gersenson moved to Colorado in 2004 since then.  Chad Arnold, the president and CEO of Door To Door Organics, told me that the company launched hubs in Chicago, Kansas City, the metro Detroit area, and Pennsylvania throughout 2012.  The company raised $2 million in Series A funding from Greenmont Capital in August 2012.

“Door To Door Organics has grown over 800% in four years and now has about 200 employees,” stated Chad Arnold, the president and CEO of Door To Door Organics in an interview.  “We are about the size of Trader Joe’s in terms of SKU volume.”

“We are a specialty grocer,” added Arnold.  “The local farmers that we work with grows some of the highest quality organic produce.  By giving customers the convenience of bringing it to their doorstep, we have been able to grow and scale our business.  Our customers have been very happy with our services too.”

When I did a Yelp search on Door To Door Organics, I found out that Arnold is right.  For example, Door To Door Organics has 5 stars out of 5-point scale on Yelp for their Michigan business.  “This service is a godsend for my family. My mom has low vision and lives alone, while we are states away, so there is no better way to ensure she is eating well than through DTDO–not only are fruits and veggies good for you, most can be eaten with minimal prep, which is great for people with physical disabilities,” wrote Lea C. of Alexandria, Virginia in a Yelp review.

When I asked Arnold how people are finding out about Door To Door Organics, he told me that a lot of their growth has been due to word-of-mouth.  “Our vendors have become one of largest sources for referrals,” Arnold told me.  He also said that the company offers discounts to non-profits and public service associations, which has been another source for people learning about their brand.