Doostang Hires New CEO Drew Carpenter From Wal-Mart’s Media Business

Posted Sep 25, 2008

Doostang is an invitation-only recruiting and job search engine website that provides listings of high-end jobs.  Doostang was founded by Mareza Larizadeh and Pavel Krapivin.  The job search company started in 2005 and boasts that Doostang users have been hired by JPMorgan, Bain, Google, Time, KKR, etc. 

Doostang has about $4.5 million in funding, of which Shasta Ventures invested $3.5 million.  The company also recently announced that they have poached Drew Carpenter from Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE:WMT). 

Carpenter headed the media business at  According to the Doostang Management Team page, Carpenter helped grow Wal-Mart’s photo business to over 10 times it’s size in less than 3 years, thus creating $100 million in annual revenues.  Before Wal-Mart, Carpenter worked at Madrona Venture Group and co-founded SF Interactive.

I believe that Carpenter has been acting as a CEO for a couple of months now, but it was made official in a press release sent to VentureWire and the San Jose Business Journal.  Regardless, I haven’t covered news about Doostang before so I thought why not publish an article about it anyway.