DoubleClick and FindTheBest Founder Kevin O’Connor Puts $1 Million On Fighting Patent Trolls

Posted Aug 29, 2013

Kevin O’Connor is the founder of DoubleClick, an advertising company that Google acquired for $3.1 billion.  O’Connor has launched a new startup called FindTheBest since then.  FindTheBest is known for helping consumers make decisions on what to buy based on reviews.  FindTheBest is being sued by what is known as a “patent troll.”

FindTheBest is being sued by a company over patent #8,069,073.  According to BusinessInsider, O’Connor is putting down $1 million of his own money to battle this “troll.”  Startups typically settle “patent troll” lawsuits out of court and this could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for them because they do not have the resources or large legal teams to fight back.

?I?ve been in this industry for 30 years,? stated O?Connor in the BusinessInsider interview. ?Ideas are cheap. That?s not where the value is in tech. Turning it into a company or into a product, that?s how you create value.?

The U.S. Patent office issues around 200,000 patents per year.  In the last few years, the Patent office has been accepting a record number of patents.

[Image Credit: FindTheBest]
[Source: BusinessInsider]