DoubleClick Now Using Widgets To Push Ad Campaigns

Posted Mar 17, 2008

â??Widgets are part of a fundamental change within the online marketing arena,â? stated Ari Paparo, VP of Advertiser Products at DoubleClick. â??Widget Ads provide audiences with the ability for self-expression and identification with well-loved brands while providing marketers the benefits of virality and engagement along with the measurability of traditional online channels.â?

DoubleClick Inc., the advertising company that recently became officially owned by Google announced today that they will be setting up widget advertising initiatives. This will be provided in their DFA (DART For Advertisers) services. Now that DoubleClick has clearance, I’m sure that they will strive to be hyper competitive in the saturated advertising marketplace. After all, Google did spend $3.1 billion to acquire them.

Interestingly, Google started Gadget Ads last year. This is pretty much the same concept as widget ads. ‘Gadgets’ and ‘widgets’ can be used interchangeably. Given the flexibility that major social networks have for embedding widgets, it only makes sense to for marketers to embrace widgets. Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Orkut, Hi5, and Friendster all support widgets.

DoubleClick (Google) made their move. It’s only a matter of time until aQuantive (Microsoft) makes theirs. Microsoft and Google’s advertising competition is like a big chess game.

[Information Source: DoubleClick press release]