Doug Cutting, Co-Creator Of Hadoop Technology Powering Yahoo! Search Joins Cloudera

Posted Aug 14, 2009

Doug Cutting, co-creator of the Hadoop technology that powers Yahoo!’s search index is leaving to join Cloudera.  Cutting will be joining Cloudera at the end of August.  Cutting is heading out shortly after Microsoft made a deal with Yahoo! to power their search engine and share in ad revenues.  However Cutting claims that his resignation does not have to do with the deal.

?This has been in the works for awhile and is unrelated,? stated Cutting. ?I am definitely not leaving in any sort of protest, and the thing I like least about this move is that it might be perceived that way.?

Cutting will be doing a similar job at Cloudera.  He will continue working with Yahoo! developers at Cloudera.  Hadoop is open source software made for data mining.

[via SearchEngineLand]