Download YouTube Videos – A Complete List

Posted Feb 11, 2008

Note: This blog post is a work-in-progress. If you have any other tools to suggest, please leave a comment and it will be added.

On September 26, 1960, about 70 million U.S. viewers turned on their TVs to watch Senator John F. Kennedy debate with Vice President Richard Nixon for the first televised presidential debate. This revolutionized the way that Americans would interact with the presidential candidates for years to come.

Fast forward 48 years and see how the times have changed. YouTube is being used as a direct source for presidential candidates to address the Internet audience. The problem is that some channels on YouTube are temporary and are fully controlled by the user. So let’s say that 12 years from now I want to see how Obama ansswered a specific question, it wouldn’t be possible if I recorded the presidential debate on TV or available on YouTube.

Here are some ways to save YouTube videos.

By Software/Operating System


FlvDown: Type in the URL, works with YouTube.
: Works with Flash videos and converts as well. Copy the link of the video and click Get Video. Converts automatically.
Moyea FLV Downloader
: Download from all Flash Video sites and convert to iPod, iPhone, PSP, MP3, WMA/WMV, XviD, etc.
My Video Downloader: Not free. Works with YouTube, MySpace, Google Video, Daily Motion, iFilm, etc. Converts to iPod, PSP, Zune, DVD, XviD, 3gp, etc.
Orbit Downloader: Works with YouTube and Google Video. This is a P2P software that downloads fast and works by placing the mouse over the video and clicking “Get it.”
PipiSoft: Save SWF/FLV files from Flash sites. Full version costs $18.95.
Real Player: The new versions of Real Player has a new feature that allows users to download Flash from any web site. This includes YouTube and Google Video.
TubeSucker: Download videos from YouTube for free. $39.95 to download all videos from users, certain searches, playlists, categories, etc with one click. Commercial edition @ $99.95.
YouTube Grabber: Downloads FLV files from YouTube. Copying and pasting the URL and then pressing Grab saves the file to your hard drive.
VDownloader: VDownloader allows users to links from the clipboard. Copying and pasting the direct URL for the video from YouTube, Google Video, and Grinvi videos works.
VideoGet: Download videos from more than 100 different sites.

Specific for Mac O/S:

Get Tube: Download from Daily Motion, YouTube, Kewego
PodTube: One click download from Safari.
RealPlayer for Mac
: Download videos from YouTube for free.
TubeSock: Works on YouTube and saves to iPod, Mac, PSP.

clive: command line tool for YouTube and Google Video.
Gnash: Free software for Flash video downloads.
swfdec: Works on YouTube, CNN, AOL, Yahoo! Video, Daily Motion, etc.
Youtube-dl: Download videos in FLV format.
YouTube Ripper: Script that downloads videos using keywords.

Firefox Plugins

Ook? Video Ook!: Works on YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, etc.
Vidtaker: Works on Google Video, YouTube, MySpace.

Web-based Download Tools

KeepVid: Works with Google Video, MySpace Video, Daily Motion.
YouTube Video Tool: Enter YouTube URL and save in FLV format.
VideoDownloadX: Simple download and convert. Works with MySpace, YouTube, Spike, Metacafe, Daily Motion, LiveLeak.
VidGrab: Works with MySpace Video, YouTube, Google Video.
Vixy: Download and converts.
YouTubia: Search users or keywords, then download.
Zamzar: Downloads and converts.